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Meet some of the Core Extreme Nutrition athletes from around the world that not only use our products, but actively promote them as well.



Meet some of the Core Extreme Nutrition athletes from around the world that not only use our products, but actively promote them as well.


Our Team

These are just some of the athletes that are proud to be using - and working with - Core Extreme Nutrition products. If you are using our products and would like to be featured, let us know!


Alexandra Causey








Core Extreme Nutrition has added strength, endurance and above all focus back into my training. First pre workout to include PeakO2 that delivers above and beyond expectations. No crash and 100% focus. 

I have tried endless supplement brands and have had many experiences with them and with all my body adapts really quickly and I no longer feel that great kick after using it for a while BUT with boost this has never happened and has helped me give 100% every time to my training!!!! 

Being an athlete on the CEN Team and apart of a brand that keeps its promises with products and also motivates is amazing and I hope I can motivate and help others as part of an industry I love! 

Jennifer Diaz





CEN Supps have provided me with quality supplements since day 1. They digest well, they taste great and the Peako2 in Boost is amazing. I get efficient energy for my workout, I get a great pump and no crash. The green apple is my favorite. The chocolate Hydrolyzed Isolate protein has a great taste and you can't beat the macros!"


Valerie Quinonez

fanta schmitt

Laís Gabrielli

Valerie Quinonezis a fit mom, and love's to do bikini competitions. Being a mother is part of what got me into fitness and used it as an outlet for life. Once I began to get stronger, I got addicted and made fitness my lifestyle. I love Core Extreme Nutrition's BOOST preworkout, especially during competition prep. It gives me the energy and endurance my body needs to train hard and get through my cardio sessions. 

Being on The CORE EXTREME NUTRITION BOOST team is an additional motivation, since it is noticeable the evolution after the use of the products!! My whey is perfect, and my pre workout is great makes me feel strength, motivation, and I do not miss a day of training. I love it all very much!

Laís Gabriellii a Master in Geology that loves the fitness world. She starting training when she was seventeen years old, now, she is twenty five years old. Now she is inspiring a lot of people with her health life. She created Gabrielli Sports Clinic to help people that want to change their life style! She joined us because she likes ours products and believe in the effects! Every Day she uses our pre workout and trains hard! Join us too!